Jessica Walsh

Art director & designer. She’s partner at Sagmeister & Walsh studio and has became an icon for design lovers. Pure passion and eagerness. Transparency. Everything true: design makes her happy. In all ways. And she knows why: because love and art have a lot in common = Passion is the key. And the delivery: the more you give, the more you receive. Perseverance, courage, madness. And one obsession: love. She could survive without computers or meetings, awards, or challenges. But she can’t understand life without love: What is the point? She summed her relationships with love & design with three equations: DESIGN = WORK, WORK = LOVE, LOVE = DESIGN.


Jan Wilker

Originally from Germany. He works 9 hours per day at karssonwilker = a design studio based in Manhattan and founded by him together with Hjalti Karlsoon. How did they meet? Working for the graphic design superstar Stefan Sagmeister.  With their studio they’ve won less than a thousand awards and their work has appeared in more than one design publication. Intelligence, sense of humour, strength character and talent. They’ve built an amazing reputation and an incredible client list. Jan finds inspiration in life. His biggest hobbies are karaoke and kung fu. Unnecessary stress makes him angry. And the last gift he have to someone = his undivided attention.


Timothy Goodman

Designer, illustrator & art director based in NYC. Google, The New York Times, Airbnb and Ford are some of his clients. He loves working and works a lot. He doesn’t like the idea of having a separation between work and life. For him, creative satisfaction is like the first sip of a cold beer; or the first date you go on with a girl who isn’t quite sure about you yet or the feelings you get when you go after a job you want, but you’re not sure you’re going to get it. He loves that feeling between anxiety and excitement. However, he doesn’t want to be known as a person who pushes things creatively. For him, it’s MUCH more important to be a good son, grandson, friend, and, in the future, a good father & husband.

He loves Jazz, Bob Dylan and food: he eats anything, anywhere, at any time. And he’s a big believer in having mentors. What he always tells his students is: ”Don’t worry about what you want to do as much as who you want to work for”.


Mira Gonzalez

Poet natural from LA. 22 years. Praised by Tao Lin, Lena Dunham, Elle Macpherson, Ben Brooks (among others). Published in Vice, Hobart and Mummuu House. Talent and humour. Weirdness and honestly. She’s a day type person after she’s had her morning coffee; or a night person as long as it’s before midnight. She writes about sex, drugs, lonelines, laziness and self-loathing. In 10 years, Mira see herself exactly the same as she is now, but with babies. She wishes she could unlearn. Her favourite living artista is a tie between Haruki Murakami, Taylor Swift and Bjork. If she could be a character of fiction, she would be 50 Shades of Grey. And a question that she would like to get asked: “Mira, would you like infinite money & free drugs?”.


Celia Rowlson-Hall

Passionate and hard working filmmaker, choreographer and performer. The most remarkable work she’s done = wrote, direct and starred in her first feature film, MA. But she’s also known for her work on The Audition, Si nos Dejan, Prom Night, and in the Girls (among others). Visceral, feminine, yearning. Her best defect: her lazy eye. Her life moto: “Don’t worry about what I look like, worry about what the world looks like”. Nature is what inspire her most. Images from the bible are the best idea she has stolen. She’s been loved more than she’s loved. But the funniest thing that has happened to her recently = she felt in love.


Javiera Mena

Songwriter. Singer. Music. As she says: melodic poetry. Born in Santiago de Chile. Started writing her own songs while still being a teenager. Electropop. Pop. Digital rhytm. Publishing Esquemas Juveniles in 2006, she began a music career that has leaded her top lay in South America, Europe and Asia. Javiera is sensitivity and energy. And feelings: what she feels, she does. Her music is all about love, relationships, empathy and humanity shaped by and 80s vibe, with women being the centre of it all. She has her own stamp and has never wanted to sign for any multinational. Her life moto =  the power of music. Her best defect = bad memory.  Her worst virtue = excess of empathy. What is always in her fridge? Aguacate. And if she could be any character in fiction, she would be Bob Esponja.


Ben Brooks

22 years, author of 6 novels. Nominated for a Phshcart Prized. With his last book, Lolito, he got prises by Nick Cave and Noel Fielding, among others. However, he define himself as an idiot baby. And his work: 3/10. If someone wrote a biography about him, he assures that the title would be: “Why am I doing this?”. Dramatical and temperamental. Misunderstood. He studied in the best school of England and could have studied in Oxford. But he only wanted to write. He’s not happy, nor unhappy. He is neutral and lives permanently anxious. In suffering he has found creativity; In literature, liberation. What inspires him most is running out of money. He sleeps from 0 – 14 hours per day, in his fridge there’s always beer and wine, and his best defect is bed.


Daniel Kragh

28 years. He began to make short films at 17 and since then he hasn’t stopped. He studied direction at the Amercan Film Institute Conservatory from Los Angeles. Lots of times Daniels work often exhibits a feel for the complexities of youth —narratives that capture small human moments, but seem to arrive there without pretense or effort. Everything based on details. His life motto = “tell what you know”. He always work from his own experience, with a very personal point of view. In 2014 he co-found the Scandinavian based production company New Land.


Leslie David

Graphic designer, art director and llustrator working and living in Paris. Her work is geometrical, colorful, not too serious. In 2009 she launched her own studio, which she works for fashion, beauty, art, music and culture. Her portfolio is amazing, but the most remarkable project she’s done in her life is her daughter, assures. Sweet and funny. Her best defect: not being perfectionist. She finds inspiration in mistakes, in failure. Her worst virtue: being able to do 20 things at the same time. She regrets having given away her yoga classes. She loves cooking, eating and ceramic since last week. And she’s the type of person who eats cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.


Piero Martinello

30 years. Photographer. His stamp = a kaleidoscope approach to human face. His objective with photography = communicate what Walt Whitmen wanted to say through words. Portraits, intimacy, sharpness. Lover of jazz, hi-fi systems, poesy, wine and food. He has exposed half the world. He finds inspiration in literature and poesy. From the creative process, he prefers the researches in old public libraries, and then hit the road. He works a lot, but there’s one thing he does more: MEDITATE = Twice a day. Morning and evening. He was born in Italy, raised at Fabrica and, after assisting Adam Broombert and Oliver Cahanarin, he started working as a freelance. He is about to publish his first book called “Radicallis”. And in his life, all what he does goes under this principle: resist much, obey little.


Albert Moya

Born in Tarragona. A very young filmmaker but with a surprising maturity. It has now come from NYC. He left in 2011 to study cinema and remained there even since. He was born to explain histories: the lived ones, and the ones he could have lived. The child point of view is always in all what he does, and it’s evidenced in his debut film: American Autumn = adult problems played by children. What he has learnt more from this short film is to be patient (it cost him a lot) and to work with other people under pression and in unsocial hours.


Luna Miguel

Writer and editor. And journalist. She writes at Playground Magazine and works as editori-in-chief at El Gaviero, an editorial founded and ruled by her parents As an editor, she publishes books written by others but also writes her own. Incredibly honest, straightforward. Visceral. Her blog is a field test where she publishes her everyday life as poems and short pieces. No filter. No kind words. No fear. The naked truth, as Luna dares with poetry and life. Being that young, she has published Tenían veinte años y estaban locos, Poetry is not dead, Pensamientos Estériles, Estar Enfermo, Exhumación, La tumba del marinero or Los estómagos, her latest book. Emotions. Internet. Poetry. And all in all, there’s the need to tell stories.

Anna Hierro

Dance. Performing arts. Born in Tortosa in 1984. She started dancing aged 7 – she didn’t want to be a dancer, though. She found out while dancing. Since then she’s been moving non-stop, body and movements. And empathy. Anna is also a choreographer and part of La Veronal = an art collective which combines movement + cinema + theatre + literature. Always exploring new ways. And meanwhile, she got a degree in Art History. As she says, an artist must be open to experiment with unexplored fields. And Anna has done it pretty well: dancing while wearing Sara de Ubieta’s shoes, mixing dance and visual art in Ballroom and always trying to go further. Get better, both in dance and life. Having a thing for connecting people from different backgrounds, she has never felt the limitations and states that she dances in order to be a better person. And if they ask her, it is wonderfully clear: Anna will dance forever.

Ian Sala

Singer-songwriter native of Roses (a small coastal town). 100% self-taught = he always look for the magic that comes from the extra-academic style. With just a guitar, harmonica and vocals, he has appeared in almost all the scenarios of the country. And he’s frequently compared with the american folk-country king, Bob Dylan. He says he’s too immature, too honest and very curious. Between morning and evening, he clearly prefers night. One of his life mottos? Post-concert’s adrenaline. And when I ask him where see himself in 10 years, he says he has problems enough to think where he’ll be next year. But there’s something he knows for sure: tomorrow he will fall in love.


Bibiana Ballbè

Journalist. Curator. TV Presenter. Director. And a restless person: she works an average of 12 hours per day and as soon as she has a project in progress she starts thinking about the next one. From dream to dream; from challenge to challenge. And from here to there: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, Köln, Boon. As a child she knew it for certain: she wanted to be a journalist. And since then she’s lived in love with what she’s been doing = her work is her life and her life is her work; what stimulates her; what makes her happy. She chosed culture as a field and it has been already fifteen years since she’s been rediscovering, identifying, connecting and projecting the local and international talent. Her formula? Merge culture and entertainment. Move away from the conventions. Go beyond the screen with more personal questions; closer ones. More intimate. Because she’s sure about that: once you know the artist, you know his work. And because this is the best way to reach everybody. Unique stamp, limitless passion, unbounded enthusiasm. Pathological optimism and curiosity in its PURE state. At only 24, she already was Editor & Presenter of INSIDE, a programme on a German televisión channel Viva consisting of trends, talent, travel & culture around the world; and since 2003 TV3 has been  her second house. She’s also contributor to Diari Ara, Catalunya Ràdio, Time Out Barcelona, La Vanguardia, El Punt Avui and Rac 1. And since 2013, she’s Founder & Director of B*World, a Production and Consultancy company specialized in Creative Content. The last ones? The Weekly TV program Caràcter, the laboratory of ideas #ffbcn future factory barcelona and the creative platform